Meet Shelby Acker


Madison, Wisconsin

About Me

I'm a coach who specializes in working with athletes who strive to be the best version of themselves on and off the field.

Why I Want To Be A Coach

My goals as a Mental Performance Coach lie in facilitating progress in confidence and empowerment, management of performance anxieties, generating strong motivations, and creating a foundation of which continued excellence is attainable.

My Coaching Philosophy

My philosophy is rooted in authentic and servant leadership, while in consistent pursuit of being a positive asset in an athlete's life. I strive to challenge others and myself, while facilitating growth and empowerment toward their highest potential.

I Best Describe My Coaching Style As…

Authentic, it is how I carry myself in every aspect of life. I choose to be authentically me so my intentions, thoughts, and actions are transparently driven for you.

My Favorite Book is…

The Confident Mind, Nate Zinsser

My Favorite Movie/TV Show is…


My Favorite Podcast is…

Barbell Life

My Proudest Accomplishment is…

Working through recovery from a complete shoulder surgery to play my final season of college softball.

I’m Most Grateful For…

The ability to chase my dreams and turn them into a reality.

What I Look For In The Athletes I Coach

Confidence building and performance anxiety.