Meet Zach Penprase


Camarillo California

About Me

I want an athlete that is willing to try things to see what works for them and what doesn’t. Open to hearing the truth about their attitude toward mental performance and mindset

Why I Want To Be A Coach

Mental performance and mindshift coach that helps athletes clarify focus, intent and vision for competitive excellence through accountability and self confidence

My Coaching Philosophy

Everything I desire is within me. Take action and fail to grow. Faith is failure has helped me grow fast and strong

I Best Describe My Coaching Style As…

Connected. I find ways to connect the mental and physical, the brain and the heart, the mind and the body.

My Favorite Book is…

Can’t choose one

My Favorite Movie/TV Show is…

Ace Ventura pet detective

My Favorite Podcast is…

Huberman lab

My Proudest Accomplishment is…

Living the dream of playing professionally for 10 years and then playing in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics after being retired for years prior to that.

I’m Most Grateful For…

My mom, my dad, my wife and my 2 daughters.

What I Look For In The Athletes I Coach

Preparation, trust, performance triggers, visualization