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Michael Russell Jr.

Session Rate: $91
Mental Performance Coach helping athletes find how to perform at their best on a more consistent basis and learn to use their mind as a…

Ryan Whitlow

Session Rate: $85
Mental Performance Coach guiding athletes by using psychoeducational methods to achieve their peak performance.

Alyssa Lopez

Session Rate: $65
I am a Mental Performance Coach helping athletes to establish goals, manage stress and anxiety, improve their performance, and increase self-awareness all while empowering others…

Claire Faith Ferrell

Session Rate: $110
I am a former collegiate lacrosse player and coach. I now have a passion for helping other athletes improve in the mental side of their…

Matan Lushkov

Session Rate: $130
Matan Lushkov draws from his personal athletic journey, his knowledge in performance psychology and leadership, and a passion for sustainable performance to help his clients…

Jack Furlong

Session Rate: $104
Baseball player/coach/fan/official/media member providing insight and an empathetic ear to athletes, coaches, and sports officials who may struggle with anxiety, abuse, depression, and similar issues…

Sarah Jane Johnston

Session Rate: $98
I am a mindset coach for athletes who has discovered the secret to peak performance has everything to do with the universal power inside each…

Dr. Caleb Mezzy

Session Rate: $143
The most important thing is the person during any transition process. Providing the framework for strategies and leveraging resources and support we can place attention…

Amber Deane

Session Rate: $85
Athletic Performance Coach helping athletes establish goals, healthy habits, and routines while also providing them with motivation to perform at their best.

Kaylyn Herron

Session Rate: $85
Mental Performance Coach teaching athletes mental strategies to help enhance performance and coping with injury. This includes confidence, goal setting, relaxation, concentration, etc.

Kallie Reckner

Session Rate: $85
My goals as a Mental Performance Coach are to help athletes build their confidence, learn to cope with the demands of training, be able to…

Liam Sabino

Session Rate: $52
Mental skills and athletic performance coach assisting athletes in creating a vision, developing accountability, managing stress and anxiety, maintaining health, training with intent and living…

Susana Overton

Session Rate: $104
Mental Skills Coach empowering others to be successful in life, improve their performance, find balance and wellbeing, and increase their self-esteem and motivation.

Stephen Villines

Session Rate: $65
Performance Coach helping athletes gain an advantage on the mental side of the game. Challenging and helping you reach your next level.

Zach Penprase

Session Rate: $130
Mental performance and mindshift coach that helps athletes clarify focus, intent and vision for competitive excellence through accountability and self confidence.

Dr. Rachel Hoeft

Session Rate: $162
Dr. Rachel Hoeft is a Mental Performance Coach who is dedicated to supporting athletes through their toughest challenges in and out of their sporting environment.…

Rafael Dubois

Session Rate: $130
Mental performance coach with 6 years of experience working in Minor League baseball. I support athletes in a daily basis to achieve their dreams. I…

Dr. Angela Griffin

Session Rate: $130
Dr. Griffin is a former professional athlete who practices as a performance psychologist and a licensed mental health social worker with over 20 years of…

Shelby Acker

Session Rate: $85
My goals as a Mental Performance Coach lie in facilitating progress in confidence and empowerment, management of performance anxieties, generating strong motivations, and creating a…

Ryann Martin

Session Rate: $85
Ryann is an athlete-turned-mental performance coach, who is highly motivating, and relatable with a passion for developing the minds of the elite. Ryann provides practical,…

Justin Foster

Session Rate: $130
Mental Performance Coach helping athletes unleash their potential by equipping them with the tools, skills, and plans they need to get more out of practice…

Martin Rasumoff

Session Rate: $78
Mental performance coach working with athletes to achieve their peak optimal performance level by understanding who they are, where they want to go and learning…

Mario Phillips

Session Rate: $130
I am a leadership, resiliency, and mental skills coach, focused on helping others discover their best self. I do this by coaching with passion and…

Tomer Blas

Session Rate: $78
I played soccer in Israel as I was growing up and then served in the Israeli Air Force. I work in the Army as a…

Aren Ulmer

Session Rate: $65
I am a Mental Performance Coach specializing in helping athletes develop clear, concise goals, as well as building new levels of confidence and self awareness.…