Meet Cody Newton

Session Rate: $85


Green Bay, WI

About Me

I am a mental performance consultant that strives to assist athletes in clarifying goals, enhancing confidence, establishing consistency, and improving concentration. My goal is to utilize my knowledge of mental skills to facilitate athletes in achieving their peak potential.

Why I Want To Be A Coach

I have received my Master’s Degree in Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology. My experience consists of two years working with NCAA DI collegiate athletes and workshops with professional football athletes. I have chosen to be a mental performance coach because I was a NCAA DI athlete myself and have competed in a multitude of sports in my life. I chose to become a mental performance consultant because it is essential to the optimization of performance and the mental and emotional well-being of athletes. This is my passion.

My Coaching Philosophy

I base my philosophy through an eclectic-holistic approach to mental performance, athletes are more than just an execution of skill, there are many components to an individual that make them unique. Accounting for an athletes unique characteristics and external factors provides a better understand of the athlete as a whole person. Having a broad range of mental skills and tools that best suit my athlete is the reason behind my eclecticism. My work with athletes targets confidence, concentration, and consistency enhancement with the use of cues/routines that are applied based on theories of mindfulness and CBT.

I Best Describe My Coaching Style As…

Collaborative – I encourage my athletes to be honest and realistic about the use of mental skills/strategies to determine whether they are interesting and motivating, rather than viewing them to be boring and deterring. This allows for athletes to take part in their own individualized use of mental skills/strategies, aiming for increased enthusiasm. I collaborate with athletes by seeking their true interests and establishing realistic and attainable goals.

My Favorite Book is…

Zen Golf

My Favorite Movie/TV Show is…

Ted Lasso or Harry Potter

My Favorite Podcast is…

The Mindset Mentor

My Proudest Accomplishment is…

Master’s Degree in Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology!

I’m Most Grateful For…

The experiences that have led me to the place I am today and my family.

What I Look For In The Athletes I Coach

I am looking for athletes who are passionate about enhancing their mental game.