Meet Dr. Rachel Hoeft

Session Rate: $162


Newport Beach, California

About Me

Dr. Rachel Hoeft is a Mental Performance Coach who is dedicated to supporting athletes through their toughest challenges in and out of their sporting environment. Her approach develops the athlete’s belief in their abilities as a way to increase motivation, dedication, and confidence so they can put forth their best performances.

Why I Want To Be A Coach

Dr. Rachel Hoeft is a former competitive soccer player and track runner. After sustaining 3 ACL tears and a meniscus tear, she focused on staying involved with sports by supporting the athletes who are currently competing, using her experience and expertise to help them create custom approaches for tackling their toughest challenges. She is the Official Mental Performance Coach for a club soccer association in Pennsylvania, has worked with private high school coaches and athletes of all sports, is an IMG Academy+ Mindset Coach, and supported DI, DII, and semi-pro basketball players through Premier Basketball Academy in California. Dr. Hoeft has worked with athletes in many sports, including soccer, basketball, football, baseball/softball, golf, tennis, track and field, and volleyball.

My Coaching Philosophy

I base my approach on Competence Motivation Theory: athletes are more likely to succeed when they believe in their abilities. My work with athletes targets confidence building and easy-to-execute action items that remind them how they’ve gotten this far and how far they can still go. With mixed approaches incorporating CBT and Mindfulness, I have seen great improvements in so many of the athletes I work with.

I Best Describe My Coaching Style As…

Empowering – I believe the strongest mental performance comes from a belief that the athlete is capable. I aim to have athletes leave every session knowing that they can achieve great things.

My Favorite Book is…

Beautiful Ruins

My Favorite Movie/TV Show is…

Criminal Minds

My Favorite Podcast is…

My Favorite Murder & Armchair Expert

My Proudest Accomplishment is…

Becoming a Doctor!

I’m Most Grateful For…

The endless support I receive from my family and friends. And puppies.

My Specialty

My philosophy is founded with influences of CBT and mindfulness. My goal is to help athletes feel confident in their abilities to put out their best performance. I also specialize further in injury rehabilitation.

What I Look For In The Athletes I Coach

My ideal athlete is one who has the internal drive to improve. However, I know this may be difficult to decipher in an introductory call, so I am always open to working with any athlete/family where the desire to improve or chase goals is apparent.