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Cody Newton
I am a mental performance consultant that strives to assist athletes in clarifying goals, enhancing confidence, establishing consistency, and improving concentration. My goal is to utilize my knowledge of mental skills to facilitate athletes in achieving their peak potential.
William A. Barrington, Jr.
Bill is a leadership coach, with first hand experience in creating and motivating high performing teams to accomplish their desired goals. Bill works with the athletes to unlock what is holding them back, and help them achieve next-level breakthroughs for themselves, and their teams.
Gabriel Zelico
Mental performance coach putting the person before the athlete, teaching evidence-based mental skills and mindsets to boost confidence in school/work, sports, and life.
Sarah Straton
I’m a positive psychology coach and Olympian helping athletes and parents of athletes to improve performance, wellbeing, and communication, not just in sports, but in life.
Austin DeWeese
I am a Mental Performance Coach helping athletes build their mental game to maximize their performance and overcome challenges in sport.
Michael Russell Jr.
Mental Performance Coach helping athletes find how to perform at their best on a more consistent basis and learn to use their mind as a weapon.
Ryan Whitlow
Mental Performance Coach guiding athletes by using psychoeducational methods to achieve their peak performance.
Sarah Jane Johnston
I am a mindset coach for athletes who has discovered the secret to peak performance has everything to do with the universal power inside each and every one of us. I passionately help others by sharing a game changing understanding of how we create our own experiences and reach peak performance from the inside-out. I have helped athletes all over the world discover there’s a better way to reach peak performance and I can help you do the same. Breakthrough will begin through our foundational work together. YOU'LL LEARN TO: Manage Stress Sustain Composure Respect your own unique process Act boldly under pressure Maintain focus and motivation Experience clarity in the midst of difficult circumstances
Kaylyn Herron
Mental Performance Coach teaching athletes mental strategies to help enhance performance and coping with injury. This includes confidence, goal setting, relaxation, concentration, etc.
Kallie Reckner
My goals as a Mental Performance Coach are to help athletes build their confidence, learn to cope with the demands of training, be able to peak under pressure, and be able to handle any struggles or adversity they may face. In addition, I want to provide athletes with the mental skills that can benefit them the most within their sport and allow them to become as mentally strong as possible.
Zach Penprase
Mental performance and mindshift coach that helps athletes clarify focus, intent and vision for competitive excellence through accountability and self confidence.
Dr. Rachel Hoeft
Dr. Rachel Hoeft is a Mental Performance Coach who is dedicated to supporting athletes through their toughest challenges in and out of their sporting environment. Her approach develops the athlete's belief in their abilities as a way to increase motivation, dedication, and confidence so they can put forth their best performances.
Rafael Dubois
Mental performance coach with 6 years of experience working in Minor League baseball. I support athletes in a daily basis to achieve their dreams. I help them understand and normalize failure to have better results on and off the field.
Dr. Angela Griffin
Dr. Griffin is a former professional athlete who practices as a performance psychologist and a licensed mental health social worker with over 20 years of experience treating Veterans dealing with trauma. Like Veterans, athletes are a specialized population, and I take pride in helping athletes maximize their potential to perform at an ultimate level. I aim to strengthen the toughness of the tough-minded and toughen up the soft-minded so that athletes can see beyond their potential and see more than just a seed but what that seed can produce. Don’t die empty and maximize your potential!
Shelby Acker
My goals as a Mental Performance Coach lie in facilitating progress in confidence and empowerment, management of performance anxieties, generating strong motivations, and creating a foundation of which continued excellence is attainable.
Ryann Martin
Ryann is an athlete-turned-mental performance coach, who is highly motivating, and relatable with a passion for developing the minds of the elite. Ryann provides practical, straight-forward advice to help athletes maximize their mental edge, attain healthy work-life balance, and helps build their confidence to help each athlete perform at their peak potential.
Mario Phillips
I am a leadership, resiliency, and mental skills coach, focused on helping others discover their best self. I do this by coaching with passion and purpose, focused on helping my clients achieve their goals and dreams!
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